Author: Margalida Oliver Puigròs


Scientific name: Erithacus rubecula


Place of photography: Camí a prop de la finca pública de Raixa, Mallorca

In the image you can see a robin from the family of the Túrdidos, which in the Balearic Islands is known as Rupit. 


The rupit is a nice and plump bird, present all year round in Mallorca, but scarcer in the summer months.


With the rupit there are a few popular sayings in the Balearic Islands, such as: magre com un rupit (called a very thin person) or pobre com un rupit


Also, rupit is used to name sons and daughters in a caring manner. With a few friends we have agreed that our parents told us about the rupit when we were little (which makes it more special), and it is a very dear little bird on the island.